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Buy on Get one Free Demo Days

Ask your local dispensary to schedule a demo day with Strovia. During our demo days, Strovia gives away a free lozenge for each one you purchase at participating dispensaries. 



Are you new to the Medical Cannabis Industry and do you want to know how Medical Cannabis can help better your life? Our education page is the ideal place to learn about how THC, CBD, etc. can help your mind and body relax and help strengthen your immune system. 


Strovia is rapidly expanding and  we are carried by an increasing amount of dispensaries and delivery services. To locate a nearby dispensary or delivery service visit our Locations Page. Feel free to request our products at your favorite dispensary and we will try to make them available to you. 

Our Products

At Strovia we create products with the highest quality ingredients we can find. We are carefully hand-selecting natural herbs to enhance our products. Medical cannabis in combination with these herbal enrichments allow us to provide products that optimally satisfy our patients' needs. 

"The Essence of Pure Relief"
24 MG - HonLemEch - THC Rich 5-1
32MG - HonLemEch - ExSrength - 1-15a
CO2 Extraction
12MG - ManLem - CBD Rich - 1-5
"Recharge your mind"
12 MG ManLem - THC Rich - 5-1
12 MG - PomAntiOx - Bal  5-1
12 MG - HonLemEch - THC Rich 5-1 SUGAR FREE
10MG - BerryGreenTea - CBD - 10MG
10MG - ManLemGrass - Balanced 1-1
2MG - PomAntiOx - Bal 1-1
12 MG - HonLemEch - THC Rich 5-1 NON SUGAR FREE
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